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Bynet seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional banking and blockchain technology, providing both B2B and B2C solutions with stablecoins, digital wallets, IBANs, and card services for comprehensive financial management across crypto and fiat currencies.

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Non-custodial Mobile Wallet

Unlock seamless crypto and fiat management with Bynet Wallet – your gateway to innovative, secure, and integrated financial freedom. Whitelable for businessess.

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Decentralized Exchange

Experience the future of trading with Bynet DEX, offering both personal and white-label solutions for unmatched security, flexibility, and market access.

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Decentralized Finances

Dive into DeFi with Bynet: Explore lending, borrowing, and more, all designed for maximized returns and financial empowerment.

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Tokens (ARTs, EMTs, Crypto)

Harness Bynet's platform for a seamless journey across EMTs, ARTs, and crypto tokens, where creation, management, and innovation meet.

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Payment & Personal Finances

Transform your business with Bynet's comprehensive suite: Dive into an alternative payment network, leverage cards and IBANs, manage crypto assets, and optimize wealth management strategies for a holistic B2B financial solution.

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Digital Identity

Empower digital identity with Bynet: Explore Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) for secure, verifiable, and autonomous control over digital identities in the blockchain era.

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Instant cross-border remittances

Bynet's blockchain-based solution provides a faster, more cost-effective, and transparent alternative to slow, expensive, and often inefficient traditional remittance methods

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Remmitance sender

User (Mexican) living and working in Germany (earning with EUR)

All Your Prospects In One Place - Techbit X Webflow Template
All Your Prospects In One Place - Techbit X Webflow Template
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Fast and cheap

Speed: Transactions are completed within seconds, significantly faster than traditional banking systems.

Cost: Lower transaction fees compared to traditional remittance services, with transparent pricing.

Security: Enhanced security and fraud prevention through blockchain technology.

Convenience: Easy to use interface, with 24/7 access to remittance services.

Transparency: Blockchain ledger provides a transparent record of transactions for both sender and receiver.

Faster remittance
Cheaper remittance



Mobile Wallet



Cardano support
Cardano support
DEX on Cardano
🇵🇱🇪🇺 AISP

E-Money Tokens on Cardano (Stablecoins)
Buy tokens with FIAT
Ethereum Support
🇵🇱🇪🇺 PI
Asset-Related Tokens on Cardano (eg. pegged to Gold)
Swap tokens on Cardano (Cardano Native Tokens)
Bitcoin support
🇵🇱🇪🇺 E-Money
Ethereum Support
Attending Cardano DAO (Voltaire and Catalyst)
Dash support
Dash Support
Ethereum Support (EVM tokens)
Alternative Payments Network
Bitcoin Support